Lake Bolac Eel Festival




Lake Bolac Eel Festival


The annual Eel Festival started in 2005 and now attracts around 1000 people. Held in late March on the banks of Lake Bolac, in Victoria’s Western District, the Festival's aims are:


> To provide a public event that will have artistic and cultural content that will enrich the life of the community,

> To promote the restoration of Lake Bolac and surrounding stream systems to a state that is ecologically sustainable for the flora and fauna it supports,

> To promote the Lake Bolac Eel Festival as a significant gathering place for people who care for the environment and respect Aboriginal cultural heritage,

> To foster reconciliation and mutual respect and understanding between indigenous and non indigenous peoples, and

> To promote ecologically sustainable rural practice.


The Festival opens on Friday night with an Art Exhibition in the local town hall and follows with a theme focused Forum on Saturday morning at the Festival site. Food, craft and information is available during the day form stalls that run along the main walkway of the Festival, followed by the Twilight Celebration including a traditional Welcome To Country and followed by the concert. The festival is an feast of music, drama, dance, visual and festival-goers of all ages have the chance to actively join in the celebrations.

23-25 March 2018